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Need a venue?
Look no further!

This is your go-to guide to hiring Big Sky for your event so please take some time to read this (and save the link to this page) before you set off and it’ll help you find your happy feet when you arrive on site. 

Here's a list of quicklinks to help you navigation this site hire document:

And do take a look around the rest of this website for pictures, things to do & other FAQs

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We’re really happy to be able to offer a full site hire of the Big Sky Hideaway, at Timberholme, North Forty Foot Bank, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 3SU.


Our site covers 15 acres and offers a variety of sleeping options, from bring-your-own-tents to converted buses to Landpods. 


We can easily cope with up to 70 people on site at Big Sky (and potentially more), with the provision that for overnight stays we currently have glamping accommodation (proper beds) for 20-25 people (we're considering new options all the time, so this number may rise), plus the possibility for multiple tents for the rest in our camping meadow. 


We know all events are different and are more than happy to talk things through and create a price and environment that suits you.


(History section - we’ve run six festivals and hundreds of smaller events, we know what it takes to set up a successful group in a space like ours. We also understand the pressure points just as much as the joys. We’ll do our best to reduce the friction for you and are always open to asks and ideas)


We’d encourage a site visit before booking or if this isn’t possible, a video call with Dave and/ or Em to discuss. It's good to iron out the questions marks early.

Big Sky is a place to escape to and enjoy nature in. Our skies at night are dark and wonderful for stargazing, and during the day our surrounding trees and woodland act as a hug to everyone within.

We use and re-use as much as we can here, more than 95% of the site is powered by renewables and all of our toilets and showers are eco friendly. We try to be as thoughtful as we can for both our guests and the environment, and will do absolutely everything to make your stay comfortable, enjoyable and memorable (in the right way!). Oh, and if you have an EV vehicle we have a 7.4kw charging point on site for you to plug into.


We’re pretty easy going and we’ve created a simple place. We really hope you enjoy your time with us.


Below are our base costs for an exclusive site rental in 2023. This ensures that no other guests are around so it'll just be your group, with our small team around to help the cogs turn.


We can always be flexible as all groups are different. Please contact us if you have a particular budget to work with and we'll do our utmost to help. If you'd like to organise a day or half day visit please get in touch.

Here's a rough idea of prices for a group of 50 as a starting point. 


Low season (April, September, October)
Weekday overnighter: £1000 per 24 hours (discounts on multiple weekday nights)

Weekends: £2500 2pm Fri to 1pm Sun

High season (May, June, July, August)
Weekday overnighter: £1250 per 24 hours

£3000 2pm Fri to 1pm Sun

Bookings for extra days before or after the event, for a quieter build-up or wind down, are always possible at a lower cost than the main two days. Quite often organisers will bring in a smaller team to help set up a day in advance of the main bash!


The site opens for check-in at 2pm on the day of your event starting. Check- out is 1pm on the final day (we can discuss these timings if you need something different)

This is a flat site hire assuming the hirer will be organising the event, scheduling and catering. We provide the site and accommodation, you do the rest.


Events are expected to bring in their own catering facilities, who provide their own power. We have a kitchen with surfaces for serving in the barn, if needed.


We can usually offer cheaper evening accommodation the evening before the event, for the organisation team. If this isn't taken up, arrival for the team is any time after noon on the day of the event.

Overnight site hires include full site exclusivity. Morning and day hires may not be fully exclusive, but the main non accommodation spaces will be yours


We can offer optional extras if needed, including sourcing local food vendors and workshop providers. See below for options.

Big Sky Site map.jpg


Big Sky Hideaway Site Map.jpg


The site is yours!

Our 15 acres, including 4 acres of woodland, are yours to roam and enjoy. We won't accept any other guests for the duration of your stay, ensuring your group or team has their privacy in a safe environment.


General support

Groups are required to book the full site hire as a one-off payment and decide themselves on where guests sleep. We will always be on hand though to assist with questions on the site and accommodation.

Car Park

Hiring our site for the above prices includes grass parking for up to 40 cars, plus 10 campervans (in our campervan area). We always encourage carpooling to keep vehicle numbers down, but for £100 extra we can often hire space for parking from our neighbour, for up to 20 vehicles).


We’ve created a series of stress-free eco friendly compost toilets across site. Our showers are unique (although we’re currently considering options to upgrade) and consist of pre-heated pump action solar bags. We’re as yet unable to afford mains water across our whole site but the solar showers are great for a warm rinse, but not ideal for those wanting a thorough wash of long hair! Note: with a big event filling up our five shower bags again and again will take quite a long time! (Here’s a video guide


Community Barn

We have a large barn which makes a lovely events space. It already acts as a great meeting spot and venue, allowing for activities to continue in poor weather. The barn is stacked with sofas, table tennis, foosball, a cinema screen, bar, shop and can comfortable shelter 120 people.



Our four acres of woodland are yours to roam and we have a couple of extra communal fire pit options if you prefer some woodsie moments.



For group events we run a central community campfire in the evenings and can agree on specific times during the day, too. We’ll provided the firewood and manage the fire. If you’d prefer multiple smaller fires throughout the site we can provide firebowls, but firewood is an additional cost at our usual prices, £5 per bucket, to be ordered before the event.


Play area

Next to the barn is an acre of clear field, often used as a base camp if organisers are bringing their own meeting tents. We have a football goal and plenty of lawn games should play time be needed!


Accommodation throughout site

This gives an immediate chance for you to sell posh camping spaces to start paying off the site hire ahead of time. Please note that although the buses have small kitchens and the Landpods have outdoor field kitchens, these are not suitable for group catering. We ask that your caterers bring their own power, water and catering equipment.


Here’s an idea of what we offer our glamping pods and buses for, and a suggestion of how you could sell them on to your attendees. Note, sheets are provided for the mattresses but guests should bring their own bedding: duvets, pillows and covers.



Sleeps 6 people

1 x super king

4 x single bed pods

Recommended price to charge back to guests (~ £150 p/n or £30 per person per night)

See more on:


Woodland Lodge Landpod

Sleeps 4 people

2 x double bunks

Recommended price to charge back to guests  (~ £100 p/n or £25 per person per night)

See more on:


Cosy Cocoon Landpod

Sleeps 2 people

1 x double bunk

Recommended price to charge back to guests  (~ £50 p/n or £25 per person per night)

See more on:

Lotus Belle tent

Sleeps up to 4 people (one double bed, two singles)

Recommended price to charge back to guests  (~ £120 p/n or £40 per person per night)

See more on:



10 x camping pitches (with plenty of space for more if needed). Each pitch could happily contain an extra large family tent or two small to medium tents. Guests to bring their own tents (we can rent a variety of different sized tents, too)

Recommended price to charge back to guests  (~ £10 per person per night although event organisers often choose to include camping in with the ticket price)

See more on:


Unpowered Van pitches

Room for 5 vehicles. Potentially scope for more. Vans/ caravans should be self sustaining for their stay. No power or toilet emptying is available.

Recommended price to charge back to guests  (£15 p/n although often event organisers will choose to include a van pitch in with the ticket price))



This is a great community space for relaxing, with kitchen and seating downstairs and open plan upstairs with library, drop down screen and seating. Wifi included. Often team’s hiring the site will save the YesBus as a hang out for staff, a venue for projector showings or just a green room for speakers, although there’s a double bed and double futon upstairs for sleeping space, too.

Recommended price to charge back to guests  (~ £150 p/n)

See more on:


(not included in site hire) 

2 x spare bedrooms in our house on site

Room 1 (£90 p/n):  1 x double. 1 x single (max 3 people)

Room 2 (£50 p/n): 1 x double (max 2 people)

Woodland Hammock Village

We can rent out hammocks + tarps for £20 per night. We’ll put them up and take them down for you (and show folks how to use them safely!)


Bell tents

For the Summer of 2023 we have four bell tents and tipis available for hire. These are priced at £40pp/n for a basic furnished tent inc. mattress and sheet, (£50pp/n for full bedding). 

Camping Tent Hire

We have a small selection of tents for hire. We can pitch these ahead of arrival and take down afterwards for folks bringing their own camping gear who need a tent. 

Charge of £25 per person per night including put-up and take down.

Additional night's stay

If your organising team would like to arrive the night before the event to set up, we can offer the 6-bed Schoolbus for £200, allowing you to be on site from 2pm the day before your event, and giving you plenty of time to prepare on the morning of your event. This is available availability permitting.

New accommodation

Now and then we do add new permanent accommodation to Big Sky. Please note our site hire prices are set according to the accommodation available at the time of writing. Any accommodation added subsequently will be available at a cost.

Included in new accommodations for 2023 we have the one-person Hobbit Hole (£40 per night), and a Shepherd's Hut with a double bed (£65 per night).



Wow, wow, WOW! What a weekend! Thank you both so, so much for filling our little hearts right up to the very brim! Big Sky is the best event venue, ever!

Managing Director, Candy Kittens

Thank you again for hosting such a brilliant few days. It was the escape we all needed and I couldn't have been happier with the way everything worked out. Big Sky is a very special place

MBG Mastery Jamboree

You exude contentment and happiness and love. Thanks to both of you for being more a part of our event than we could have dreamed



We've been lucky enough to hold all kinds of events at Big Sky over our first couple of years including retreats, microfestivals, team building stays, Jamborees, birthday parties and celebrations of life. 

Every event is different and we're always game to try our best to help Big Sky be your venue. We're also open to considering partial site hire for the right events.

Past events
The Barn


Our barn is a cosy covered space measuring 20 metres x 10 metres, filled with sofas, a little shop, bar, cafe and table tennis. It's the perfect hideout during poor weather or blazing sunshine and has been used as a main stage for an adventure storytelling festival, a yoga room, a dining hall for retreats, a cinema hall (yep, we have a big screen and projector!) and...well, it used to be a hanger for a small aeroplane!

We make the most of solar power to ensure all power and lighting needs are met. 

We don't allow fire, candles, stove cooking or open flames in the barn but as Big Sky is only open between March and October we've never found the space too cold.


Our barn bar is licensed and the standard site hire agreement includes us stocking and running the bar. 

If we're running the bar we ask that guests don't bring their own drinks/ alcohol onto site. If they do, we charge a £100 corkage fee to cover lost income.

If you would prefer to stock and run the bar yourself, therefore keeping any profits for yourself, the cost is an additional £250 and the process is below: 

1) You'd need someone licensed to run a bar present at all times and we'd need to see their documentation before the event

2) You would need to provide all stock

3) We need to clear our bar out and leave the space empty for you, so our own license isn't broken. We charge the £150 to cover the time taken to empty and then re-stock after your event.

4) The bar space in the barn, including optics, storage and beer fridge, is yours to use as you'd like during your event.




1. If you can save or copy/paste these directions to an app on your phone in case you don't have signal en route, please do! It'll help you find us first time, and we can't always pick up the phone if you get lost. Follow these instructions and you'll find us :)

2. We do not have a sign out on the road - we’re a hideaway! It can be easy to whizz past without seeing our entrance as we’re just off the road so PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS and when you get close slow down and keep a good look out! 

If you're in a group with more than one vehicle please send these directions to all drivers.


Tip: DO NOT just enter the postcode, it covers a large area around here and won’t get you to us on its own.


To find us put the following into your GPS.


The Big Sky Hideaway

North Forty Foot Bank



PE20 3SU

Here's our Google maps link

And our entrance location on What3Words


Our entrance is down the track to the left of Larringtons. Look out for the black American mailbox and “Timberholme” sign on our entrance gate, this is us! 

We have lots of animals on site and many of them roam - please drive slowly down the track into peace and quiet.


Detailed instructions if you're coming from Boston/ Hubberts Bridge

Head north along Langrick Rd (B1192) for 0.9 miles. Then turn left onto North Forty Foot Bank. The road is bumpy so take care for the next 1.7 miles, which is dead straight. You know you’re close when you see the road bending a little with woodland to your right. You’ll pass Willow Tree Farm on your right and then a small business called Larringtons, there’s a sign for them on the roadside. 

This is our track - as seen from the road (North Forty Foot Bank)


(this list isn't exhaustive...)

Team night

If you'd like to get a team together the night before your event, both so they can get to know the site and get a head start on prep (rather than arriving after noon on the day of the event) we have a number of different packages for your team, including a full site additional day hire including all accommodation for £750


A variety of options are available. External caterers can visit site with a pizza-out-of-the-van feel, and we can provide options on site, too. Costs are roughly £10 pp per meal for dinner. £6-7 for breakfast and lunch. Home-baked cakes, cookies and bread, plus fresh eggs from the Big Sky hens can be pre-ordered. We’ll charge 5% of the total meal value for arranging (including providing refrigeration, water, power if needed)

Event film - £250

Our Dave is a filmmaker from a past life and if you'd like a film of your event (examples include the ones on this page under "Past Events") then he'll film throughout the weekend and within a couple of days have the finished version ready for you to share around your community.


Individual bookings

If you'd prefer for us to handle individual accommodation placement, no problem. This will be £5 extra per person.


Tent hire

We have a variety of tents for hire, for those who don't have their own camping gear. From 10 person family tents, to four and 2 person tipis. Hire includes tent being ready to move into upon arrival. Prices vary from tent to tent and we work to £15 per person per night for a 2 night stay.

Extra Marquee

If you'd like an extra marquee on site you're welcome to source this or we can do it too. There is a fee of £150 for marquee pitching - this covers both the extra admin, liaison with marquee company about liability, arrival, erection and pick-up, and also ensures we have funds to repair any ground damage - which always happens when large marquees are put up.

Pre-event deliveries

We can accept deliveries on the day of an event for free, but will charge £10 per delivery for any made before the day itself, to cover time and storage.



Often visiting groups have reason to celebrate and like a party for at least one of the nights. We can help pre-order drinks or can take your pre-brought drinks and serve from the bar in our barn. 


Alpaca Meet & Greet

We run a variety of alpaca sessions, the most popular being feeding time for £5 per head.


Presentations and workshops

AV hire. We have a giant inflatable screen (20 feet diagonal!) which on calm dry days can be erected outside, and otherwise will fit in the barn. Inside the barn is a 3m wide projector screen and projector, and a 65" television, too. The YesBus has a drop down screen too, with seating for twenty-five.  We have a projector with speakers for talks/ presentations and film showings. Please enquire for hire prices.

Silent disco hire - £100 per night or £150 for the weekend

We have a set of 55 silent disco headsets on a three-channel system, meaning you can boogie (or watch films) way into the night past our 11pm curfew.

On site, Dave and Em offer a variety of workshops and presentations from bushcraft and fire lighting, how to put up a hammock, making films with a smartphone....and plenty more. - £100 for 60 minutes, £150 for 90 minutes, groups of 15 max


Popular options are nice and informal 45 minute group sit-downs with Dave and Em sharing their story either around a campfire with slides on a pass-around ipad or on a bigger screen inflated in the barn -  (£100)

Dave's adventurous SayYesMore keynote has been heard by some of the biggest companies in the world and always promotes new ideas. Enquire for pricing. Motivational talk covering adventure, sustainable living, community (Dave’s ‘day job’_


Stand Up Paddleboarding

Our local partner Yellowbelly SUP run paddleboarding classes on the nearby River Witham. Perfect for all abilities. Enquire for pricing.


Fitness Bootcamp

Our neighbours Top Banana fitness run outdoor bootcamp sessions. Instructor Andy is a non-intimidating middle-aged man with a big smile!


Site tour

We’ll show you around and chatting about what we're creating and the process of becoming a sustainable, renewables-powered business and lifestyle - last approx 45 minutes, cost £25 for groups of 25 max)


Break time drinks and snacks

We can provide coffee and a selection of milks and teas, with biscuits - £3 per person

Accessible toilet hire

We provide toilets as standard to cover the amount of people attending. Any accessible (wheelchair friendly) loos come with an extra charge of £210 (this is cost price to hire in)



If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen! We’ll always be fair but at the same time have a small business to look after. These are our terms.


Upon booking we require a non-refundable deposit of 35% of your reservation fee (40% for any events in June, July or August), upon receipt of this deposit we'll reserve your dates on our calendar, ensuring you have full exclusivity. We have a limited amount of dates each year for events which are key to our survival as a little business. Any cancelled events leave us with less time to fill those dates again, and we use the deposit to plan and develop our site to ensure your event is as successful as possible. This is why the deposit is non refundable.

The balance should be paid no later than one month out from the event. If you pay the full amount up front but then have to cancel, for cancellations more than a month out from your event we will refund the balance, minus the deposit. Any cancellations within a month of the event will not be reimbursed as it leaves us little time to re-sell the site and we can’t afford to have our site empty for a weekend.

From our side, we run our own events too, and always see putting a deposit down as a commitment towards making the event a reality. It's also great to make that first step as a real show of faith for your event. As soon as you show us that commitment we will always be on hand to answer any questions and do our bit to make sure your event goes smoothly. All we really want is for you to have the best time so you'll come back again :)


In the case of individuals cancelling their places on your event this is the organiser's responsibility. If you’re selling tickets via a booking platform it’s worth checking the platform’s cancellation/ refund policy and letting guests know ahead of booking if a full 100% refund won’t be possible.



We don't take a pre-event retainer to cover damages, but we do this in the spirit of our place and will ask event organisers to fairly cover the costs of repairing any damages caused by anyone attending the event



As you might have guessed, we love nature and want to give back to it as much as we can so by using our compost loos, you’re helping to provide nutrients to our growing tiny forest for years to come. 

We don't have mains water running through the site and showers are our biggest challenge. On an ordinary camping weekend we heat up shower bags and deliver them to cubicles around site when guests order them. For larger events this can be a slow process so we recommend selecting one time slot a day for shower deliveries. 

Here’s a video guide

There's also an option, with notice, to bring in a shower block unit for your event. Do ask about this if you're interested.



Big Sky Hideaway is a peaceful getaway and we love the sound of nature, crackling of the campfire, laughter and memories being made. It is the perfect place to leave all your worldly distractions behind, watch the incredible sunset and marvel at the stars. 

Site hire includes firewood throughout your event, for use at the communal campfire beside the barn.

We run on the assumption (and hope!) that site hires are a chance for communal activity, so we focus our efforts on bringing people together. As such, we charge a £5 hire for campfires in other locations on site (we will deliver a firepit), and sell firewood for £5 per bucket. Dave and Em should be notified of any additional planned campfires on site throughout the weekend.


You're more than welcome to take a wander or find a spot to relax in our small woodland but please stick to the paths and don't forage for firewood! We're working on a woodland management plan to bring our woods back to full health after years of neglect and by selling seasoned firewood (and not the wet, smoky twigs and sticks on the forest floor( we have funds to help us look after our woods, new and old.


By the way, if your firefighting skills have grown rusty feel free to ask us to get your campfire going, we’re always happy to help :)

Nb. Health and safety for all guests, our site and animals are paramount. In the event of a national or local fire ban due to drought or other climatic events, campfires will not be allowed. We will always do our best to mitigate this situation before banning campfires.



It goes without saying that you’re going to fall head over heels for our adorable herd of fluffballs.

The alpacas are inquisitive creatures but they are all pregnant or new mums so need to feel safe and chilled in their own space. Please do not enter their paddock unless invited by Dave or Em.


They also have specific diets so please don’t feed them. If you’d like to meet, feed and learn all about the alpacas, it’s £5 per person for a 30 minute hang out, including feeding time, including plenty of photo opportunities!



While we love dogs we’ve learned that even well behaved pooches can upset our alpacas, which isn’t ideal as at most times of the year the pacas are pregnant or new mums. So, we’re afraid you can’t bring your pets with you.


I’m sold! How do I book Big Sky?!

Great! Send us an email to and we’ll have a chat about your needs. When you're ready to book we'll reserve your dates and send over an invoice for your deposit.


Then we’ll be on hand to chat, either in person, on the phone or over video call to discuss how we can help make your event the best it can be!

We do recommend a site visit before booking Big Sky, but if this isn't possible we'll provide as much information as possible so you can make a decision.


We’ll send an invoice for the remaining balance to you one month ahead of your event, and naturally will be reachable throughout the lead-up to help keep things smooth for you.


Most importantly, we can’t wait to welcome you to Big Sky. We think you and your guests will love it here.


Thanks for considering us for your event


Dave and Emms



We’re a peaceful, quiet hideaway designed to offer a lovely escape into nature. Please respect our lovely land and everyone you meet in and around it. These rules are in place to make sure all of our guests enjoy a peaceful break at Big Sky.

> Quiet time on site is between 9pm and 8am. Please be mindful of our animals, lovely neighbours and other guests on site. Stick to your pitches outside of these times please :)
> Arrival time is between 2pm and 8:30pm. If you're going to be later than this please let us know in advance.
> Checkout time for group event hire is 2pm at the latest.
> We close our gates at 8:30pm. If you’re arriving late please let us know in advance, and if you’re out for the day please be back by 8:30pm - we have this rule this so other guests aren’t disturbed as they’re settling down.
> No amplified music on site
> No drunken antics
> No drugs
> No non-registered guests overnight, £5 each for daytime site visit (a contribution towards site maintenance, including toilet cleaning
> No generators
> No shouting and loud noises near the alpacas
> All bookings must be made in advance

If you’d like a tour, we’ll be happy to show you around and if you have any other questions please drop us a line anytime, thanks for supporting our little business.

Big hugs
Dave and Em

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