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It's still early days for us and we're improving our offering all the time. Aiming to be 100% renewables powered is a fun and decent goal but not always easy. We're not a grassy Hilton, but every aspect of Big Sky compliments nature and we hope  our guests appreciate the balance between comfort and nature.

EV Charger

One element of being renewables-powered that we can't control is the vehicles our guests use to visit us. But we're now glad to have an EV charger on site which guests can use to charge up their EV for a small price. 


Our pods and buses all have private eco loos and the camping meadow has its own shared block. We've build most of our facilities from second hand and upcycled materials and so far guests have enjoyed (as much as anyone enjoys the loo!) the rustic feel. 

Our toilets are all compostable, we keep them clean and scent free, and they come with a separator which diverts number ones away from number twos to aid the composting process! This means the toilets are all seated, with the exception of the stand up urinals provided. 

Once the composting process has done its thing we'll use the result to safely feed the trees planted on site. Win!



Our camping and glamping facilities have all been created on a patch of land well away from mains infrastructure, which makes providing full pressured hot showers a tricky proposition. We are working on some cool solutions but for now we have created several cubicles to which we deliver heated solar shower bags should you feel that you need a quick rinse. Here's an introductory film!

If you've slipped in the mud, been wild swimming in the local river or fallen off your paddleboard in the sea and need a proper shower, just ask Dave and Em and they'll open their home to you.  

Kitchens & Cooking

Our buses have kitchens inside and our Landpods have their own private field kitchens. Our camping and tented camping guests tend to cook over the fire, and we do have a small number of portable grills and portable BBQs for a very small hire fee (just to cover cleaning, maintenance and damage). We encourage guests not to use their own stoves unless they have legs to avoid scorching the ground.

If you need a coolbox we also hire 50l Igloo boxes for £5 per stay, and we'll keep you topped up with chilled ice blocks!

We're working on designs for a communal field kitchen in 2022. It'll offer a communal fridge, hobs and other stuff. When it's finished we'll update this text!

Campfires & Firewood

Big Sky Hideaway is a peaceful getaway, we love the sound of nature, crackling of the campfire, laughter and memories being made. It is the perfect place to leave all your worldly distractions behind, watch the incredible sunset and marvel at the stars. You'll find your own private firebowl at every pitch, pod and bus (just ask for one if you're camping).


Firewood is available for purchase on site. We've got good old seasoned stuff for £5 a basket. Although you're welcome to take a peaceful wander through our woodland please stick to the paths and don't scavenge for firewood in there. We're working on a woodland management plan and your firewood money really helps us look after our woods, new and old.

Finally, health and safety! Fires are only to be lit in designated bowls and pits. Please don’t use disposable BBQs on the grass.


We have a barn on site which we're currently turning into what will be at the very least an excellent hideaway on rainy weekends! We'll be providing a communal kitchen with basic facilities and 

If you can't see the answer to your question drop us a line via the contact form

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