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​Support our tree planting efforts and help us plant, nurture and protect a young, thriving woodland, which will become a wildlife and wellbeing habitat, plus help draw down more CO2

We'll plant a tree on your behalf and look after it into maturity, including providing protection from pests and watering during dry season. We'll also send you occasional updates about how the woodland is doing.

Sponsor a Tree

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  • The tree planting initiative at Big Sky aims to plant a nature into maturity over 1500 trees in time. By the end of 2022 over 1200 saplings will have been planted , plus 100 slightly more mature trees. Your support enables us to purchase the trees and to ensure they're planted in the best condition and soil possible. We then commit to a lifetime of watering during the dry season and, if needed, erecting protection in the form of fencing and/or tree tubes to ensure deer and other nibbling animals don't stunt or stop the tree's progress towards the sky. We estimate the full cost of enabling a sapling to become a mature tree within ten years will reach £40-£50 per tree, but as a business and as willing guardians, we will cover any extra ourselves through profits earned by the campsite at Big Sky.

  • Once you have sponsored a tree ou have 24 hours to request a refund, should you change your mind. After the 24 hours we will begin using the funds to support our new woodland.

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