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A walk around the Landpod Village at the Glamping Show 2022

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

We've been fans of Landpod since we started plotting the vision for Big Sky back in early 2020 and after two years we know how much guests love their stays at the Woodland Lodge and Cosy Cocoon.

So when we heard that Landpod were launching two new creations, the Power Pod and the Loft (their first two-storey pod!) we decided to test out a first long(ish) distance road trip in our electric van. Without spending a penny on fuel for the journey (thank you, solar power!) we rolled into Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire with 3% left in the battery, excited to charge up while we strolled around the 2022 Glamping Show.

While we had half an eye on what else was happening at the show, we were mainly there to see the Loft, Landpod's amazing family-sized pod stack. As always we were given a lovely welcome, handed coffee from Jake's machine (powered by the sun and the new Landpod Power Pod!), and in between the occasional visitor asking whether we were the ones on that Ben Fogle Show (people sure do pay attention!) we couldn't help but imagine what Big Sky might look like one day.

360 time

It can be tricky to explain what a Landpod offers to someone without physically showing them around, but film and a series of 360 photos are a big help. Here's a gallery of 360 images and if you haven't used these before, try and drag your cursor or finger across the image to move the view and show a different part of the image.

The Walkabout

We weren't planning to do this so forgive the background noise, but here's our Dave talking a descriptive walk around the Landpod Village.

It should be said that we're not here to sell Landpods and they're not paying us for this content, we just really like their attitude and style. There's something about a free-standing pod with opening wings and a not-too-shouty design that appealed to us when we were looking for comfy yet unique accommodation for Big Sky. That the team could arrive with the whole unit flatpacked and have it installed on the same day in a pokey corner that a massive lorry + crane would never have reached was just a magical bonus.

So, a big thanks to Landpod for the coffee and the inspiration, and if you're thinking of starting your own campsite Landpod are also offering help to get a camping exemption certificate and if you're lucky to live in an Area of Natural Beauty, you might be able to get 40% off a new Landpod. Just ask the team!

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