Hi everyone! We're Dave & Emms and we're really looking forward to welcoming you to the Big Sky Hideaway - a peaceful community-driven oasis tucked away in central Lincolnshire offering unique glamping, camping, alpacas and fireside events that harness the magic of nature.

Our main aim is to create an escape where people can make memories, feel comfortable pausing in nature for a while, and where new friends are just a campfire story away.

We've voluntarily run communities for years and our dream has always been to pair a love for bringing like-minded people together with a business that makes the outdoors accessible to all.

Big Sky will be run with good intentions every single day. By the end of the first year our whole site will be powered by renewable energy and built mostly using recycled, up-cycled and sustainable materials.

We're so excited to have an incredible blank canvas to play with, and with an amazing amount of support through our launch crowdfunder we've got a great headstart on the more community-based elements of our project.

We've put aside space to plant 2000 trees in the coming years and we see groups of smiling people (whether we need to be socially distanced or not) coming together for the first plant in Spring 2021.

We've been dreaming about having alpacas, and part of this idea is down to the feeling these wonderful animals give to people. We can't wait to have them around and to share their character with you, in person and online. We expect the first three to arrive in late March or early April 2021.

And we're also offering comfortable stays on two unique bus conversions, an amazing American School Bus and also the YesBus double decker, with profits from the latter helping the YesTribe continue to put on free events bringing people together around the UK.

We genuinely want visitors to feel like the Big Sky Hideaway is home for them, and we're working hard to create a place to welcome you back year after year.


Come staycation with us whether you're camping, glamping or driving around in your own wheeled home. Let's make 2021 one to remember.

Events & Site Hire

Big Sky Hideaway won't just be a place to come and stay. We love a bit of learning, and are open to hiring out all or part of the site to groups and instructors who are looking for a great place to host retreats, workshops or even microfestivals. 

We'll also be hosting a small amount of bespoke weddings each year. Tell your guests to get their tents ready!