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"Welcome to Big Sky"

Hi everyone! We're Dave & Emms and we're really looking forward to saying these words when you drive down our track.

We've been working hard to create a peaceful community-driven oasis tucked away in a hidden part of central Lincolnshire and whether you want to stay in a bus, Landpod, bell tent, hammock or simply pitch up in your own tent, we'll do our best to make sure you have a wonderful stay.

Our main aim is to create an escape where folks can make memories, feel comfortable pausing in nature for a while, and where new friends are just a campfire story away.


Our background​

Em has a background in fundraising and lived in Sierra Leone for a few years before becoming an expedition leader. Dave is a travel writer and filmmaker with a few record-breaking long distance adventures under his belt, and for years we've run a community called the YesTribe, which runs hundreds of events a year encouraging people to jump out of their comfort zones and spend time outside with good people.


Our passion is making the outdoors and big ideas accessible to all and that's where Big Sky comes in. When covid came along our normal lives stopped for just long enough for us to search the country for a new home base, put down an offer on a home with land, and then once we moved in we turned empty fields into a place we hope to live and work in forever.

If it helps, we're the type of people who play April Fools jokes like telling people we'd been given thirty alpacas, and then a few years later we move to Lincolnshire and actually get some alpacas, on April Fools Day!

Doing the good stuff​

Big Sky will be run with good intentions every single day. We're well en route to becoming completely powered by renewable energy and our aim is to run a healthy business that only makes a positive impact.

Big Sky is built mostly using recycled, up-cycled and sustainable materials, our composting toilets will turn the stuff nobody likes to talk about into food for the new trees planted on site, well over 1000 of them, and around site you'll find cool little signs with reminders of the best things in life.

We're so excited to have an incredible blank canvas to play with, and with an amazing amount of support through our launch crowdfunders we've got a great headstart on the more community-based elements of our project.

So, we can't wait for you to visit. We genuinely want visitors to feel like the Big Sky Hideaway is home for them, and we're working hard to create a place to welcome you back year after year.

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