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We're passionate about hammock time. Floating in mid air is great for the mind, for afternoon naps, for chatting with friends or just whiling away the hours with a good book.

But have you ever spent a night in a hammock? Now's your chance!

Our hammock village has a communal area and a sleeping area. The sleeping hammocks have special tarps to protect you from the elements, and we've strung them tighter than the lounging hammocks so you can sleep flatter.

We have a variety of different hammocks at Big Sky and we'll happily show you the options or recommend the right hammock for you to stay in.

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The Stingray

Sky Tent

A uniquely cool three-person sky tent, the Stingray by Tentsile is a suspended flat platform with three sleeping bays, all within a bug proof net and beneath a rainproof tarp. Hang out underneath the Stingray or hang around on it with the tarp on or off. Either way, it'll be a holiday worth remembering.
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Join the Hang Out in 2024, a relaxing weekend swinging between the trees
Sep 6 - 8 2024

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Why would I sleep in a hammock?

1. Try something new every day. If you haven't ever slept in a hammock you should try at least once!


2. Waking up above the floor is a really cool sensation.

3. No more uncomfortable nights on a thin camping mat

Isn't sleeping in a hammock bad for your back?

This depends on the hammock and how it's set up. A good hammock for sleeping will be much tighter, meaning it offers a flatter surface for sleeping. Many of our overnight hammocks incorporate a sleeping mat, helping to further flatten out your sleeping area and insulate the underside of the hammock

What else should I know?

If you've never slept in a hammock before you might not sleep all the way through your first night, but the gentle swaying will send you back to snoozeville soon enough.

On colder nights you'll feel it most through the bottom of the hammock. We get around this by using a combination of sleeping mats, blankets, under-hammock quilts, or all three!


While we love animals we can't allow pets on site as they stress our alpacas out. 

We'll do everything we can to make your stay at Big Sky as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We love surprising our guests and making your stay unique so if you have any ideas we might be able to help with don't hesitate to ask :)



We’re a peaceful, quiet hideaway designed to offer a lovely escape into nature. Please respect our lovely land and everyone you meet in and around it. These rules are in place to make sure all of our guests enjoy a peaceful break at Big Sky.

> Quiet time on site is between 9pm and 8am. Please be mindful of our animals, lovely neighbours and other guests on site. 
> Arrival time is between 2pm and 8:30pm. If you're going to be later than this please let us know in advance.
> Checkout time is between 7am and 11am.
> We close our gates at 9pm. If you’re arriving late please let us know in advance, and if you’re out for the day please be back by 9pm - we have this rule this so other guests aren’t disturbed as they’re settling down.
> No smoking on site

> No amplified music on site
> No drunken antics
> No drugs
> No non-registered guests overnight, £5 each for daytime site visit (a contribution towards site maintenance, including toilet cleaning)
> No generators
> No shouting and loud noises near the alpacas
> All bookings must be made in advance

We Only Have One Home

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